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Global Scoutnet: more than just a pretty page!

Hey! Here's a network made for guides and scouts who want to talk with other guides and scouts around the world! Are you tired of just reading someone else's web pages? In Global Scoutnet, you are the author!

Global Scoutnet was founded in 1994, click here if you want to know our history.

What we offer:

  • lots and lots of electronic conferences!
  • file areas with many resources!
  • a gateway between the Internet and your local BBS

Don't be a passive Internet user! Join Global Scoutnet NOW!

"The mission statement of Global Scoutnet is to provide a low-cost, wide-reaching, many-to-many communication tool to Scouts, Guides and adult leaders all over the world, which can be the equivalent of a Jamboree or of a Gilwell Park training camp."

from the Global Scoutnet Mission Statement

A simple gateway to our most used services

Flash news! Quick access to our forums!

Today we offer an easy way to read the most used forums in our network. Just follow the link to this page!
No registration needed!
Use it to take part in the JOTI 2006!
Unlike chat, messages posted in our forums will stay visible for a long time.
This page was also used by hundreds of Scouts and Guides at the Macramé 2004 International Scout Camp to discover the Internet and Scoutnet!

All our forums are still available as mailing lists or newsgroups, as always.

All kind of conferences in many languages:

Mailing lists!

"You can subscripe to many mailinglists in different languages maintained by Global Scoutnet."

Today many Global Scoutnet's echomail areas are available to internet people by mailing lists.

Visit our Mailing list page to subscribe for free.


"Approved languages of the Euro.Scout.Info"

We offer Euro.Scout.Info in many languages and have a huge archive of the former Eurofax issues.

Visit our EuroScoutInfo to read everything about Euro.Scout.Info and Eurofax.


"You can read and write at our newsserver with a newsreader or simpley with your web browser."

Global Scoutnet's newsgroups with the scout.* hierarchie.

Visit our Newsserver page to access all newsgroups.

Connecting scouting websites all over the world into one ring:

The Scoutnet Webring!

"The Webring that connect Scouts and Guides into a ring of webpages."

scoutnet ring
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Visit our Scoutnet Webring page to read all about it or add your site direcly to our Webring database for free.

News and cool links:

The End of ScoutNet founded 1994 in Courriere? Really?

News of our death have been greatly exagerated:

Cool Global Scoutnet links!

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