"The mission statement of Global Scoutnet is to provide a low-cost, wide-reaching, many-to-many communication tool to Scouts, Guides and adult leaders all over the world, which can be the equivalent of a Jamboree or of a Gilwell Park training camp."

from the Global Scoutnet Mission Statement

A mailing list is...
Please read our detailed instructions about using mailing lists

A mailing list is a kind of electronic conference where all messages written by all participants are delivered to your own mailbox, for you to read at your convenience.

You will submit your contributions to the conference by E-Mailing them to a special address. Another special address is called the "List Server" and it is where you will send all commands to subscribe to a mailing list, remove yourself from it, and so on. The address for the Scoutnet list server is

Here are the english language mailing lists you can join (there are many others in other languages):

Main conferences:

Discussions on scouting

Global Scoutnet news ans announcements - Low Traffic! Won't clutter your mailbox!

Eurofax distribution mailing list

Eurofax (in Adobe Acrobat format) distribution mailing list

Misc topics:

International contact/friendship/Penpals

Scout international events (including Jamborees)

Scouting/campfire songs/lyrics

Scouts chat area (about non-scout topics)

A newsgroup is...

A newsgroup is an electronic conference where all messages are stored on a server (called a "news server") where you retrieve them from, using a special client. Most Internet browsers have some form of news client, but a specialised client is much more powerful.

There isn't presently any english newsgroup managed by Global Scoutnet servers :-(

This will change soon! Keep in touch!

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