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Results of European Youth Forum elections

This is great pleasure to annonce the results of European Youth Forum elections, 21 October, Brussels.

Workshop for Associations from Central and Eastern Europe, Belgrade, 13-15 October

The Yugoslav Scout Association invited Scout and/or Guide associations from countries in Central and Eastern Europe to attend a workshop in Belgrade, as an opportunity to exchange ideas and experience on their Scouting and Guiding. The predominant issues were: non-formal education and youth policies in a changing society, the role of adults in Scouting and training Scout and/or Guide Leaders. 38 participants from 11 countries came to Belgrade. Discussions were very fruitful, and several partnership projects between associations and with the European Scout Region came into being through the workshop.

North-South and Overture Network Meetings, Finland, 20-22 October

The North-South and Overture Networks meet twice a year to bring together representatives from National Scout and/or Guide Associations working actively to broaden access to Scouting to new sectors of society, particularly to socially excluded young people, and those working in the field of North-South co-operation and Community Development. On this occasion, the Overture Network's theme was: young members of ethnic minority communities and the impact on youth programme. Participants also had the opportunity to present their association's projects on how these new members are welcomed into the association. For the North-South Network, this was an opportunity for fruitful discussions on co-operation between associations in Europe and in the South. For further information on these networks, please click on the Internet links below:;

Sub-Regional Workshop on Youth Programme and Adult Resources

The aim of the sub-regional workshop scheduled for Romania, 18-21 January 2001, is to encourage national Scout associations sharing similar languages or cultures to develop their youth programmes and to improve the management of their adult resources. The objectives are to strengthen links by offering an opportunity to share experiences and to develop a common basis for work; to find viable solutions to challenges faced by individual associations; and, to strengthen links among programme and adult resources teams in neighbouring countries and to encourage networking. The workshop is open to members of youth programme and adult resources teams of national Scout associations in Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia and who are able to understand English. For further information, contact the National Scout Organization of Romania, at email: or the European Scout Office, in Geneva, at email:

Centenary Fund application forms available

The forms for Centenary Fund applications are included in October Europak and apply to projects relating to Youth Programme; Adults in Scouting; and, Management/Infrastructure. Further information can be found in Euro.Scout.Doc No. 2/1999, which is available on the European Scout Region's web site and also from the European Scout Office, Geneva. The deadline for applications is no later than 31.12.00 to the ESO, Geneva.

Russian Scouts join World Scouting

Congratulations to the All-Russia National Scout Organization (ARNSO) for becoming a member of WOSM on 1 October, an important milestone in the re-birth of Scouting in formerly-communist countries. For a fact sheet, check out the web site:

EuroSteps Adventure continues in 2001

Thanks to the support of associations and local units and to the enthusiasm of Rovers and Venture Scouts, aged 16 to 22, almost 60 EuroSteps will open their doors to EuroSteppers again next year. Twenty European countries are involved in offering participants a unique chance to develop a deeper understanding and personal experience of democracy; solidarity; culture; exploration and discovery; quality of life; and, career and social skills. We are happy to welcome some altogether new EuroSteps: Sielpia, in Poland; EtnoStep 2001 and Stepart 2001, both in Slovenia; and back again, Sunrise City in Croatia. Some projects have different names, to reflect dynamic new projects or goals, while most reappear named as before but as ever, with tailor-made projects designed to bring the best to and out of adventurous EuroSteppers.

So, welcome to the following EuroSteps in 2001: in Belgium, La Fresnaye and Merkenveld; in Croatia, Scout Marine Watch Veruda and Sunrise City; in Czech Republic, Czech Tour 2001; in Denmark, Houens Odde, Rover Workshop, Stevninghus, and The Bridge. It's good to have back the Sinai Rover Gathering in Egypt, as well as, Widablick in Finland; and in France: Bécours, Jambville, Lourdes, Mediterranean Forest, and Mélan. In neighbouring Germany, we will find: Bucher Berg, Fritz-Emmel Haus, Immenhausen, Scout & Guide Castle Rieneck, and Steel Roads. Be tempted by the beauty of Greece at the Olympic Games EuroStep; of the Irish countryside at Sli Cualann I and II; and of the rugged landscape of Italy at B.-P. Park, Faltona, Opicina, Pentedattilo, Po Scout Reserve and Seven Brothers. Discover Gulbere in Latvia; Buitenzorg in the Netherlands; Eurokroki, Perkoz and Sielpia in Poland. Newcomers EtnoStep 2001 and Stepart 2001 feature in Slovenia; while the Forest Protection Camp, Griebal and San Joan de l'Avellanet remain steadfast in Spain. Get handy at Händer in Sweden, and inspired at Calanca Valley, Kandersteg and Our Chalet, in Switzerland. Go beyond the surface and discover some Oroots' at Big Ben I and II; Blackwell Court, Foxlease and Hawkhirst Adventure in United Kingdom. Find some inspiration in Yugoslavia at Kanjiza, the Kovacica Art Colony, Kusjak Beach, Mount Rajac, Oblacina Lake, Sirmium Archaeological Camp and White Rock. It's not an exaggeration to say there is something for everyone at EuroSteps in 2001.

As usual, practical tips and information, contact names and numbers and EuroStep descriptions are included in the new edition to help EuroSteppers arrange their schedules well in advance and make the most of their travels. These updates will soon be posted on the European Scout Region's web site. The EuroSteps 2001 booklets will arrive by early December. Meanwhile, those Associations who have not yet returned their order form for brochures, EuroBadges and EuroScarves, are encouraged to do so as soon as possible to avoid disappointment! The 2001 editions of EuroSteps and the European Scout Voluntary programme are already on-line in The Europe For you! area of the eurpean Scout region's web site:


The European Scout Region will, as have become a tradition now, offer a management seminar in Kandersteg 3-9 March 2001. The programme of this event has been developed on the basis of the experiences gained from the previous three seminars. It has become evident that the diversity in the participants' expectations and experiences will prompt some changes. The 2001 management seminar in Kandersteg will therefore address the leaders on national or district level who are about to take on a managerial responsibility, it is in other words for participants with no or very little managerial background. The topics of the seminar will be: planning; team-building, budgeting, recruiting, communicating and evaluating. The invitation for this management seminar will be in December's EuroPak. For the more experienced managers we will develop a seminar, which will focus on the membership development. This seminar will take place in November 2001 in Italy. This seminar aims to give participants the knowledge and skills to implement a development plan for their Association which will lead to an increase in membership, especially amongst the adolescent age range.

With these two events in 2001 the European Scout Region hopes to better cover the needs of associations in the field of management.

Anniversary CD set from Portugal

Flor de Lis is not only the longest-running publication in Portugal, but it also happens to be the Scout magazine of the Portuguese Catholic Scouts Association. To celebrate 75 years of uninterrupted business, the Association has issued a 7 CD-Rom set (in Portuguese) of all their previous issues, for those with an appreciation for fine literature and a love of Scouting. Contact Flor deLis for information at email: and enjoy reading!

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