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World Scout Parliamentary Union Meeting

The 3rd General Assembly of WSPU, held in Warsaw, Poland from 23-27 August attracted 19 European countries among the 57 represented by delegates and/or observers at the event. Issues of great importance both to Parliamentarians and Scouts were considered: Secretary General of CIVICUS, Kumi Naidoo, addressed participants on Civic Society; Co-ordinator of the Youth Co-Ordination Unit of UNESCO, Maria-Helena Henriques-Mueller, spoke on Education; and the Director of the United Nations Youth Unit, Bill Angel, discussed National Youth Policies. A full report will be published soon. Results of the General Assembly confirmed the need for Scouting to develop and improve its links with Parliamentarians in order to emphasise the role of the Scout Movement in non-formal education together with the support of effective and permanent national youth policies. Scouting must communicate its message well.

As part of this, a well-attended meeting for European delegates and observers was held during the General Assembly. A small group of people will meet soon in order to develop plans for networking among members of the European Parliament and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. Members of WSPU in Europe will be able to receive European Scout Region publications, especially those relating to youth policies and external funding. Activity in this area will increase in order to support associations in their links with Parliamentarians.

The General Assembly was organised very ably by ZHP in Poland and we are glad to report that the secretariat of WSPU will remain in Poland.

Working Group on Youth Programme

The European Working Group on Youth Programme, in accordance with the World Scout Youth Programme Policy, is continuing to work on other support material, guidelines and training modules, particularly to strengthen the programmes of the Scout and Rover sections. It is also busy preparing the next round of sub-regional events and the 2nd European Forum on Youth Programme and Adult Resources, to be held in Malaga, Spain, from 19-26 May 2001.

JOTA/JOTI 2000 coming up

The annual Jamboree On The Air (the 43rd) and the Jamboree On The Internet will take place on 21-22 October. The latest information about the two events can be found at the following addresses: and A special internet cartoon search is one of the planned JOTA activities.

Meeting of Scout and Guide Representatives

Each year, the European Scout Region and Europe Region WAGGGS bring together young people from all over Europe who represent Scouting and Guiding in national youth councils and in international youth structures. It is an opportunity for them to share and learn from each others' experiences and to develop skills that help them to fulfil their role.

This year the Network Meeting will take place in Slovakia from 22-24 September, hosted by Slovensky Skauting. Do you know who represents your association in your national youth council? Are they coming to the Network Meeting? If your representative has not yet registered, there are a few places left. Please contact the European Scout Office in Brussels for further information.

Overview of Seminars and Events 2001

The overview presenting the regional seminars and events planned for 2001 can be found in this month's EuroPak and is currently available on the European Scout Region's web site. Please note that all venues and dates are subject to confirmation. Invitations and registration forms will be added as soon as the preparatory meetings have taken place.

The European Scout Region is organising the following: Sub-regional events on Youth Programme and Adult Resources, in Romania, 18-21 January, in Israel in April 2001, and in Bulgaria (date-TBA); Seminar on Developing Scouting/Guiding in Urban Areas, France, 3-9 March; Management Seminar, Switzerland, 3-9 March; Meetings of North/South and Overture Networks, Italy, Spring 2001, and in the United Kingdom, 19-21 October; 2nd European Forum on Youth Programme and Adult Resources, Spain, 19-26 May; 17th European Scout Conference, Czech Republic, 7-12 July; Seminar on Learning and Voluntary Work Opportunities for Over-16s, Croatia, September 2001; Network Meeting for Guide and Scout Representatives in National and International Youth Structures, venue TBA, September or October 2001; The 7th European Scout and Guide Centre Managers' Conference, Germany, 10-14 October; Seminar on the Development of Associations, venue-TBA, in November 2001.

EuroTrain 2001

Launched for the first time this year, EuroTrain has been a great success even though training sessions are still underway. So far in 2000, an exchange of trainers has taken place between Denmark, Ireland, Macedonia (FYRO), Slovenia, and Yugoslavia. These exchanges have been supported financially by the European Scout Region. The final number of participants on the 25 courses offered won't be known before final evaluation of the 2000 project but feedback from participants has been very positive. "I really felt that we gave each other good ideas," said one participant. Now the September 10th deadline for EuroTrain 2001 is fast approaching. Please consider which of your training courses could offer an international dimension, fill in the forms sent in June's EuroPak or available at: and return them to the European Scout Office, Geneva, by 10 September.

Scout Candidate for President of the European Youth Forum

Henrik Söderman, 24, a member of the International Commission of the Guides and Scouts of Finland and a member of the European Working Group on Youth Policy is a candidate for the presidency of the European Youth Forum in the name of the World Organisation of the Scout Movement. Henrik has been a member of the office of the European Youth Forum since 1998. He had been nominated by the National Council for Finnish Youth, ALLIANSSI, which supports him in his present campaign. It is important to promote this Scout's candidature so that the different national youth councils vote in Henrik's favour when the General Assembly convenes in Brussels from 19-21 October.

New RAP User's Guide available this autumn

The RAP User's Guide, edition 2000, will be available soon in new, printed form, in English and French, replacing the previous photocopied version. It will come with a CD, and in a plastic dossier to allow users to add their own materials. This new edition is available now on the European Scout Region's web site for you to download. The Guide is intended for national youth programme teams who wish to review and update their association's existing youth programme, as well as those who wish to design a completely new programme. It contains one RAP tool for each of the eight steps in the programme development process, from defining an educational proposal to designing a progressive scheme. The purpose of each tool is to stimulate reflection and discussion, provide examples of different approaches, and help national teams identify areas of their own programmes that need improvement. National associations are free to use the RAP material in any way they wish but acknowledgement of the source would be appreciated.

Turkish Scouts earn a lofty profile

A six-page article entitled OThe Scout Movement in Turkey' appeared in Turkish Airlines' in-flight magazine OSkylife' last September. It profiles the development of the movement from its start in February 1912, closely following the British model, through two world wars when activities were suspended and later revived under the Ottoman Empire and later the Turkish Republic, both of which encouraged membership in a movement representing "health, integrity and patriotism". Since 1947, Turkish Scouts have figured prominently as participants in and as hosts of international events. Today, members of the Turkish Scouts and Guides Federation, established in 1991, continue their valued contribution to Turkish life.

European Scout Office staff news

The ESO this month bids farewell to Anna Keep, Deputy Director, External Relations in Brussels, who is returning to the United Kingdom to become a secondary school teacher in modern languages. We thank Anna for her invaluable contribution to the Region and wish her every success! With this issue, Elena Ineichen takes over from Jacqueline Collier as editor of EuroFax. We want to thank Jacqueline for her considerable initiative both in creating and in maintaining the high quality of this valuable source of news and information for European Scout Associations.

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