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Children for the Future project continues

"18 year-old Laureta is from Korce, a remote Albanian village in the mountains in the east of the country, close to the Macedonian border. She is a student and Cub Scout leader.

Together with all the young people in her town, she helped to welcome refugees from Kosovo during the spring of 1999. She saw at first hand the burden of horror, hatred and despair, as she listened to the children recounting their nightmares in the refugee camps. Last summer, she left Albania for the first time to take part in the Peace Cruise, organised in the Mediterranean by the European Scout Region and the European Youth Forum. She spent ten days at sea aboard the "Zawisza Czarny", the three-masted ship belonging to the Polish Scouts ZHP. On the last day, in Athens, she wept as she hugged her fellow Peace Sailors. They were Palestinians, Israelis, Turks, Greeks, Croats and Serbs. It was so difficult to part from people with whom everything had been shared in a common adventure; they had found that they were like brothers and sisters, with the same hopes and fears, by living together first and foremost as human beings. Laureta returned home a changed person. She wants to break the cycle of war and exclusion; she wants to liberate children from generations of hatred. She is now working on an educational programme on peace education and conflict management for her national camp."

This is an extract from the new Children for the Future document, which presents what Scouting is doing in south-eastern Europe as part of its on-going commitment to challenging ethnic hatred, prejudices and violence. It gives an outline of activities and events planned this year and the contact details of the national Scout associations involved. The document has recently been sent to all international commissioners and is also available on the regional web site:

Le Magazine features "A Voyage for Peace"

Look out for the latest issue (no. 12) of the European Commission's publication, "Le Magazine", to be sent to your national association soon. The Peace Cruise plays a starring role on the front cover, followed by a five-page article. Scouting is presented as being "an open and socially-committed movement" rather than "a narrow-minded organisation - which is how some people still see it".

Richard Amalvy, project manager, is quoted as saying:

"Working for peace is inherent in the very foundations of Scouting, and making the world a better place is part of our ideal. Our movement has been banned by the most hard-line regimes, whether the Nazis or communists. It was banned because it fights for freedom and pluralism. We must make politicians understand that a youth organisation is a place where young people learn to exercise citizenship. Youth organisations are not solely concerned with leisure activities. They train individuals who later take up positions within responsible structures with new social, economic and political commitments."

We view the Peace Cruise as an investment for the future and are very grateful to the participants, trainers, partners and supporters who helped make our dream reality. It has succeeded in improving the visibility and credibility of Scouting as a partner for other youth and intergovernmental organisations and it has paved the way for numerous new initiatives at local, national and international levels.

The Peace Sailors build Bridges of Peace

Although the Peace Cruise itself is now over, the project Bridges of Peace will continue the work that it started. First of all, it is planned to bring the Peace Sailors together again at the end of this year, to evaluate the impact of the project on their personal lives and youth organisations, and to track how they are using the experience in their youth work. Secondly, the European Scout Region is preparing a pack of tools and activities used during the Peace Cruise. Scout leaders will be able to use these in their peace education work with young people in their own countries. Our web pages will be developed further to encourage the dissemination of ideas on peace education and partnerships among young people.

EuroPak now on line

EuroPak is now available on the regional web site as an additional service to national Scout associations. April¹s EuroPak includes the latest issue of Committee Update and feedback from national associations on the implementation of the European Scout Plan 1999-2007 so far. EuroPak will continue to be sent by mail to international commissioners.

BruPak to be launched

The European Scout Office is pleased to announce BruPak, a new information resource bringing you news and information from the European institutions. Look out for the first edition soon, to mark the launch of the new EU youth programmes.

EU Youth Programme deadlines

The launch of these new programmes has created confusion regarding new regulations, closing dates and forms. If you are preparing a Youth for Europe or European Voluntary Service project, please contact Anna Keep or Richard Amalvy at the European Scout Office in Brussels for the latest information.

Scouts in Ireland prepare for a new future together

Among the many innovative projects presented within the framework of the Centenary Fund 2000, there was one which stood out for its originality. Scouting Ireland CSI and Scouting Ireland SAI jointly presented a project to prepare for the establishment of one single Scout association in Ireland. A steering committee formed of members of both associations will coordinate the work of sub-committees working on specific topics: youth programme; adult resources; property and finance; professional staff and administration; image, uniform and emblems; constitutions and rules; two organisations into one. Precise terms of reference and objectives have been defined for all committees with the benefit of widespread consultations with external experts and other organisations. Countrywide consultation meetings will be attended by members of both associations, and young people will be involved through their national parliaments and Venture fora. Proposals will be put to both National Councils/Assemblies for decision later this year, and an agreement will be made with The Scout Association, UK, regarding Northern Ireland.

The European Scout Region strongly supports this courageous initiative, which is based on the desire to overcome divisions and create a strong, unified Scout movement in Ireland. It is hoped that Scouting in Ireland will set an example to others on how to manage change effectively and simplify structures for the benefit of both youth and adult members.

Global Development Village planned for Expo 2000

A reminder that the German Guide and Scout Associations are organising a Global Development Village at the World Expo 2000 in Hanover, Germany from 7-27 August. The overall motto is "Human-Nature-Technology". If you would like to organise a workshop or a walk-in activity, please contact: Sandra Gehrke, fax: +49 30 61285009, email:

First World Scout Jamboree Bulletin published

Preparations are already underway for the 20th World Scout Jamboree, to be held at Sattahip in Thailand from 28 December to 8 January 2003. The first bulletin presents the jamboree logo, theme, participants, youth programme activities, venue and registration fees, as approved by the World Scout Committee. The theme will be "Share our World, Share our Cultures". This event will provide a unique opportunity for young people from all over the world to experience the Scouting spirit of sharing, living and learning about cultural diversity.

Girls and boys aged 14-17 (born between 29 December 1984 and 28 December 1988) may take part. The standard troop size will be 36 young people (4 patrols of 9 young people) plus 4 adult leaders. International Service Staff will comprise young adults aged 18-28. More information is available from:

New publications from the Strategy Task Force

The World Scout Committee has created a new Strategy Task Force, comprising 6 volunteers under the chairmanship of John Beresford. In addition, the work on the strategy will involve a wider and more representative number of people including young people. In order to achieve this, an informal network will be established which will communicate by e-mail and will be used to test the material produced by the task force. The focus of work will be to implement the World Scout Conference Resolution 3/99 on the mission of Scouting, particularly through the production of tools to help achieve the mission at all levels of the World Organization of the Scout Movement.

The first new publication, entitled "Understanding the Mission Statement" is available in English and French and can be downloaded from the World Scout web site: This is to be followed by "Achieving the Mission of Scouting", which will include an outline for a national or regional workshop.

Last call for World Solidarity Camp Bécours 2000

Now is your last chance to register for this exciting event which will bring together young people aged 15-20 from all over the world. It will be held from 27 July to 3 August 2000 at Bécours, France - a EuroStep based in an ancient abandoned hamlet lovingly restored by Scouts and Guides over the last 20 years. For more information contact EEDF:

Last chance to register for 11th World Scout Moot in Mexico

There are still some places left for the World Scout Moot, to be held in Mexico from 12-23 July 2000. This event is for young people aged 18-26 and has "Traditions for Tomorrow" as its theme. Contact the Moot Organizing Committee immediately if your country wishes to send a contingent and has not yet registered:

New poster of Scout Emblems of the World produced

Since this world-famous poster was last produced, 35 new member organisations have joined the World Organization of the Scout Movement. The new poster presenting the 184 emblems worn by our 28 million members worldwide is now available from SCORE:

News from the European Scout Office

During the interim period from the departure of Dominique Bénard and the arrival of Jocelyne Gendrin as Regional Director on 1 July 2000, Kjeld Jespersen will serve as acting Regional Director. The decision regarding the recruitment of new regional staff and calls for candidature will be made soon.

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