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New European Regional Director

Jocelyne Gendrin-Guinebault has been appointed Regional Director for the European Scout Region by WOSM's Secretary General, Jacques Moreillon, in agreement with the European Scout Committee. Jocelyne is 43, has a background in psychology and social studies, and until recently served as Vice-Chairman of the World Scout Committee and Chairman of the Educational Methods Group. We welcome Jocelyne to her new post on 1 July 2000.

European Regional Treasurer retires

The European Scout Committee notes with regret the retirement of the Honorary Regional Treasurer, William McDonald. William's considerable efforts to steer the region to its now greatly improved financial situation have been very much appreciated. The new Regional Treasurer will soon be appointed by the World Treasurer, Jean-Bernard Crelier.

Scout representative elected

We warmly congratulate Guillaume Légaut from France upon his election as President of the Advisory Council of the European Youth Foundation and European Youth Centres of the Council of Europe.

Regional Web Site - What's new?

The European Scout Region's web site is still developing, and many new publications have been added recently. These include Where to Stay in Europe and EuroSteps, which are now both searchable. You can also download the 6 new issues of Euro.Scout.Doc. We will soon be adding EuroPak.

News grom the European Scout Commettee

At its meeting in Brussels from 30 March to 2 April, the European Scout Committee discussed the following main topics: appointment of the Regional Director; preparations for the European Scout Conference (Prague, 2001); the allocation of Centenary Fund grants for 2001; finance; the European Scout Foundation; review of the European Scout Plan; reports and proposals from the European working groups; relations with the world level; relations with ICCS and IUMS; the situation in several national Scout associations.

At its joint session with the Europe Committee WAGGGS, the European Scout Committee discussed: the preparation of the joint sessions of the European Scout Conference and Europe Conference WAGGGS; the creation of a European Muslim Advisory Group; guidelines and reports on joint seminars and events; preparations for future seminars and events; external relations; news from national associations.

Details will be given in Committee Update and the Chairmen's Letter, to be sent in April's EuroPak.

European Scout Centenery fund

Most of this year's Centenary Fund applications were outstanding. With 34 applications for more than USD 1 million, but an available budget of only USD 314,900, the European Scout Committee had the very challenging task of selecting projects for grant awards. After lengthy deliberations, 19 innovative projects were selected for their potential impact on the long-term development of national Scout associations. Notification letters will be sent out this week. A reminder that 80% of the grants will be sent in May and 20% upon receipt of the final report.

Friends of Scouting in Europe

Anyone keen to join the Friends of Scouting in Europe, to support the development of our Movement, should note that the next meeting will be in Zagreb, 20-22 October. The invitation document is being prepared for distribution in EuroPak.

Update from the Working Groups

All the European working groups met at Gilwell Park, UK, from 25-27 February to continue work on implementing the European Scout Plan.

The youth policies group discussed: how to strengthen Scouting's relations with the European insititutions and youth platforms; opportunities for cooperation in south-eastern Europe; follow-up to the Peace Cruise; plans for information sessions and workshops on the new EU youth programmes for national associations; preparations for the European seminar "Putting the Youth into Youth Policy".

The youth programme group focused on: follow-up to the Mission of Scouting Symposium; the further development of RAP, The Great Family, Europe For You! and Lands of Adventure. Key tasks underway include the development of a Scout Leader's Resource Centre on the regional web site, planning this year's sub-regional events and the 2nd European Forum on Youth Programme and Adult Resources, to be held in Malaga, Spain, from 19-26 May 2001.

The adult resources group worked on: finalising the Adults in Scouting team concept with one guest team from the Malta Forum; developing the EuroModules; reviewing EuroTrain; evaluating the Mission of Scouting Symposium, management seminar and sub-regional events; planning this year's sub-regional events and the 2nd European YP and AR Forum; proposing topics for the gender research project.

The communications group dealt with: analysing the results of the electronic communication survey; follow-up to the seminar on communication; finalising the communication policy; developing the regional web site; preparing communication workshops for national associations.

North-South and Overture in Portugal

Associação dos Escoteiros de Portugal was the generous host of the networks in Lisbon from 16-19 March. 29 people attended from 10 countries.

The North-South Network identified ways of preparing young people who wish to take part in partnership projects in the south, analysing the method used by Scouts de France. Presentations by young people from Corpo Nacional de Escutas provided useful input. Participants shared information on how they monitor and co-ordinate visits to other countries, as well as on current initiatives in their associations, especially those encouraging new partnerships with other associations and new resources in international awareness.

The Overture Network focused on managing diversity in national associations. There were inputs on developing one's own identity, a SWOT analysis on intercultural management and the presentation of an innovative project in an inner city area by members of AEP. Participants visited the Ismaili Centre, Aga Khan Foundation and first Ismaili Scout Group in Lisbon. The network made proposals for the regional web site and for a European seminar on developing Scouting and Guiding in urban areas, to be held in Paris from 3-9 March 2001.

The next meeting will be hosted by the Guides and Scouts of Finland in Helsinki from 20-22 October. The North-South Network will look at inter-cultural learning, including sharing educational tools and trying out some games. The Overture Network will examine ways of developing and adapting youth programmes to the needs of minority youth.

New Muslim advisory group

Young people and youth leaders in Muslim communities throughout Europe are keen to join Scouting. However, it is important to avoid the creation of separate groupings outside recognised national Scout associations. The European Scout Committee has therefore decided to establish a Muslim Advisory Group formed of members of recognised Scout associations, to be led by Saad Zîan, general commissioner, Scouts Musulmans de France. This group will serve as a bridge to Muslim communities in Europe and as an advisor to the European Scout Region, the International Union of Muslim Scouts and national Scout associations in Europe. It is hoped that together we will be able to offer Scouting to more young Muslims and create suitable support structures and programmes for them.

2nd meeting of associations from central and eastern Europe

Representatives of European Scout and Guide associations will meet in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, from 13-15 October, to work on 3 main themes: Europe for all; leadership; events market. Two top leaders are welcome from each association, preferably one responsible for adult resources. Contact Marko Petrovic, international commissioner, Yugoslav Scout Association: ztpbginv@eunet.yu

Austria issue a declaration

The European Scout Region fully supports PPÖ in its recent initiative to issue a public declaration expressing Scouting/Guiding's principles and values:

"We are committed fully to the values of free democracy, which reject intolerance, xenophobia, neglect of human rights, extreme right-wing policies as well as nationalistic, neo-fascist and neo-nazi ideologies; we condemn language that puts into question the basic values of free democracy and makes extreme right-wing policies acceptable; we disassociate unequivocally from persons, political groupings and parties that use, allow or support that kind of language; we are committed to solving political problems and differences of opinions in a democratic way by negotiation and never by violence; we call for more attentiveness to the democratic political education of children and young people".

All are promised a warm welcome to the Austrian national jamboree in 2001 entitled "". Contact Thomas Ertlthaler, international commissioner PPÖ:

Workshop on new EU Youth programmes

The new EU youth programmes have finally been adopted. These can be a source of co-funding for an association's international work: e.g. youth exchanges between two or more European countries, hosting an international volunteer to work on a project, or sending a young volunteer abroad.

The European Scout Region will run a workshop in Brussels from 5-7 May 2000. It aims to inform national Scout associations about the framework and contents of these programmes and enable them to prepare and submit applications for co-funding. The participation fee is 50 Euros, and the invitation will be in the next EuroPak and on the regional web site. For information and to register, contact Anna Keep at the European Scout Office:

Farewell to European Scout Office staff

The European Scout Committee bade farewell to Dominique Bénard, who has served Europe as Regional Director since 1990, and Jacqueline Collier, who has served as Youth Programme Director since 1992. They will soon take up their new posts in the Youth Programme Service of the World Scout Bureau in Geneva. They are proud to have supported the rebuilding of Scouting in 15 new countries and worked in partnership with associations throughout Europe to refocus on Scouting's mission. In their new roles, they will continue to provide assistance to national associations in the field of youth programme, as well as to train and support the teams in all the regions. We wish them every success and happiness!

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