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Europe now has 40 National Scout Organisations!

The European Region is delighted that the World Scout Conference voted unanimously in favour of the admission of Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina as full members of WOSM. This completed the 10-year process of integrating the 15 new countries in Europe where Scouting had been previously been banned for political reasons. These countries have greatly enriched our region and will help it better face the challenges of the future. The region would like to record its gratitude to the many people throughout Europe and the world who have worked so hard and provided moral and financial support over many years to assist in the rebirth and development of Scouting in all these countries. A reception was organised in Durban by the European Scout Region to celebrate this historical moment.

35th World Scout Conference

From 26-30 July, Durban, South Africa, was transformed by the presence of 1,060 representatives of Scout associations in 116 countries. The 35th World Scout Conference focused on developing a mission statement for Scouting. Participants worked in international groups to identify the key elements to be included in the mission statement, which was later adopted by the Conference. Other highlights and major decisions taken included:

The following people were elected to the World Scout Committee: Margot Campbell Bogert (USA), Marie Louise Correa (Senegal), Ferran Guimaraes (Spain), Walter Hofstetter (Switzerland), Felix Li Tai Ho (Singapore) and Toby Takemichi Suzuki (Japan). The new Chairman is Garnet de la Hunt, South Africa. The two Vice-Chairman are Margot Campbell Bogert (USA), for finance and support, and Patrick Lyon D'Andrimont (Chile), for educational methods.

14 resolutions were adopted on the following topics: registration of Member Organizations, World Scout Foundation fundraising strategy, World Scout Conferences, Conference working methods, 7th World Scout Youth Forum, future role of World Scout Youth Forums, World Scout Youth Forum, youth participation, feasibility study on a common WAGGGS/WOSM future, partnerships, together against AIDS, landmines, international year for a culture of peace, heritage.

This Conference, held on the 100th anniversary of the siege of Mafikeng, was a reminder of Scouting's African roots. Scout runners carried a flame from Mafikeng over a distance of nearly 900 km to the site of the Conference for the opening ceremony. The acting President of the Republic of South Africa, Chief Mangosuthu Buthelezi, gave the opening speech explaining how his grandfather, King Dinizulu had owned the original necklace of wooden beads which Sir Robert Baden-Powell chose as a sign of distinction for Scout leaders and is still used throughout the world. On several occasions, dancers and drummers provided a taste of the rich cultural diversity of South Africa. We are very grateful to the South African Scouts for their fantastic welcome and hospitality.

7th World Scout Youth Forum

The 7th World Youth Forum was held at Michaelhouse, Balgowan, South Africa, from 19-22 July 1999. It was the 2nd Forum to be linked directly to the World Scout Conference. There was a total of 145 participants, including 77 delegates and 36 observers from 53 countries. 32% of the participants were female, which is the highest proportion at a World Youth Forum so far. 35% of member organisations were represented and there was a better balance among the regions than previously. 75% of the Forum participants also attended the World Scout Conference. This shows that we are now starting to make progress towards our objective of involving more young people in decision-making within the World Organization of the Scout Movement.

This Forum offered young people the opportunity to discuss and express their views on subjects of interest to them, to prepare inputs and recommendations for the World Scout Conference and the World Scout Committee and to develop skills to enable them to participate actively in the decision-making process. The 3 main topics were the essential characteristics of Scouting, youth participation and how Scouts imagine the future. Additional topics chosen by participants for the open forum were: Scouting and religion, Scouting and armed conflict, a youth declaration for Scouting, Scouting and street children, co-operation between men and women in Scouting, Scouting and youth violence, cross-cultural differences in Scouting. In addition, there was a special evening focusing on human rights and workshops to enable participants to share experiences and projects from their own associations.

The Forum report, including recommendations made to the World Scout Conference, is available in English and French on the European Scout Region's web site.

Prizes Awarded by UN High Commission for Refugees

WOSM has official contact status with the UNHCR and the two organisations signed a cooperation agreement in August 1995. This year the UNHCR has awarded prizes for outstanding Scout and Guide projects in support of refugees. A certificate and prize money has been presented to the following European associations: Savez Izvidaca Hrvatske (Croatia), Eclaireuses et Ecalireurs de France, Scouting Nederland and Turkiye Izcilik Federasyonu (Turkey). Congratulations to all these associations on this success!

Green Island

For your summer reading, we offer you 3 new chapters of the Green Island on our web site. In chapter 3, Vladimir and Ewa examine how children grow and develop a healthy relationship with their own bodies. In chapter 4, they explore intelligence and the various stages in intellectual development. In chapter 5, the focus is placed on emotions and the way in which they can influence a child's well-being and personal growth. If you have any questions or suggestions for inclusion in future chapters of the Green Island, please do not hesitate to send them to Dominique Bénard,

Preserve Egypt's Cultural Heritage

The 2nd International Youth Gathering for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage will take place at the Cairo International Scout Centre from 1-11 September 1999. A reminder that it will be organised by the Arab Scout Region in cooperation with UNESCO and the Egyptian Antiquities Authority. Participants should be male Rovers aged 18-25 and speak good English or French. The programme will include workshops on techniques for preserving antiquities and monuments, participation in projects to preserve the pyramids and sphinx, and visits to the Egyptian Museum and several cultural sites. Accommodation, food, transport and programme expenses within Egypt will be covered by the organisers. Participants or their youth organisations should pay for their travel to Egypt. If interested, please contact the Arab Scout Office as soon as possible, fax +202 2633314, e-mail

European Scout Region's Triennial Report

This report has been published and will soon be distributed to national associations and made available on the regional web site. It provides:

Extra copies can be ordered from the European Scout Office.

Friends of Scouting in Europe

The European Scout Foundation has introduced a way for those who support the ideals and aspirations of Scouting in Europe to demonstrate this and to contribute financially to the Movement in Europe by joining the Friends of Scouting in Europe. The annual subscription is EUR 150 or CHF 240, with life membership costing EUR 2,000 or CHF 3,200. Please publicise this programme and encourage as many people as possible to support it. A leaflet available from the European Scout Office, Geneva.

There will be a special event in Vienna from 8-10 October 1999, which will bring together new and potential Friends of Scouting in Europe. This will be an opportunity to enjoy the city and its surroundings, to meet like-minded people and to be part of the first annual gathering of the Friends. Please also publicise this activity. Details will be provided shortly.

Deadline Check-list

Note: all invitations and application forms are on the ESR web site.


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