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19th World Scout Jamboree

The Jamboree in Chile was a great success. The spectacular Jamboree site in Piquarquín was in a beautiful natural setting, the weather was hot and sunny, the Chilean hosts were friendly and very welcoming, and the participants from all over the world were cheerful and enthusiastic about the Jamboree programme and sub-camp life. There was a total of 30,948 participants (Scouts, adult leaders and International Service Staff) from 157 countries and territories. Of these, 9,183 participants came from Europe. Several of the 38 European countries represented sent their largest ever contingent to an overseas event. The three European countries with the largest contingents were the United Kingdom 2,004, France 1,266 and Germany 940. So Europe was able to make a substantial contribution and, of course, benefit a great deal from this once-in-a-lifetime event!

The World Scout Committee and the World Scout Bureau will hold an evaluation and planning meeting in Geneva on 19 March to draw as many useful conclusions as possible for the next World Scout Jamboree. This will be held in Sattahip, Thailand, from 28 December 2002 to 8 January 2003. If you would like to share your ideas and experiences from the Chilean Jamboree or previous Jamborees, please send your comments (by fax, e-mail or mail in English, French, Spanish or Portuguese) by the end of February to Jean Cassaigneau at the World Scout Bureau, fax +41.22.781 20 53, e-mail: Please sort and label your comments under headings e.g. preparation, youth programme, infrastructure, ceremonies, hospitality. The most important questions to answer are: what were the good things you would like to see again in Thailand? what would you like to see improved in Thailand? We hope that many European associations will contribute their ideas and help to make the next World Scout Jamboree even better.

Highlights in 1999

A lot will be happening in 1999 and your association will probably be stuck for choice. Please note the following key events for top leaders:

A reminder that the European Sea Scout and Guide seminar will be held in Perkoz, Poland, from 8-12 June 2000, and not in 1999 as originally proposed.

Information about all European seminars and events, as well as reports of previous seminars and events, can be downloaded from the European Scout Region's web site:

You'll find brief information about every one of this year's EuroSteps in this issue's special supplement.

European Scout Centenary fund

The European Scout Plan, as adopted by the Luxembourg Conference last year, proposed that direct funding should be available to national associations so that innovative projects can be supported. Application forms were sent to all associations in October and we are pleased to say that, at the closing date, we had 31 applications. Final decisions will be made at the March '99 meeting of the European Scout Committee. The funding will be made available through the Fund for European Scouting. The Committee is taking a keen interest in the Centenary Fund and individual Committee members and/or staff will be glad to work with associations in order to discuss applications or to work on future ones.

News gro the European Commitee

The European Scout Committee met in Paris over the weekend of 6-8 November. It also met with the Europe Committee WAGGGS to discuss the Joint Plan and other issues. Despite a busy programme, the Committee was able to meet representatives of nearly all the Scout and Guide associations in France. Our thanks to Scoutisme Francais for arranging this.

The Committee considered many issues, including:

The Peace Cruise

The Committee is very enthusiastic about the Peace Cruise and the opportunity it provides for participating in the process of peace-building in the world. We can also improve co-operation with the Arab Region and with other international organisations, such as UNESCO, the Council of Europe and the European Union.

Central and Eastern Europe

The Committee confirmed its commitment to supporting all associations according to their needs whilst at the same time aiming to locate events and activities in central and eastern Europe whenever possible.

The European Scout Plan

The four working groups, each chaired by a Committee member, are now well advanced on their plans. If you have proposals on the Regional Plan, please contact the relevant working group chairman:


The Committee approved the budget for the New Year and was pleased to note the progress that has been made to recover the deficit from the previous triennium. Per Hylander ( is working with Bill McDonald (, the Honorary Treasurer. A financial report will be circulated to associations after the Committee has approved it in March 1999.

The World Scout Conference 1999

Preliminary planning for this event is underway, especially for the regional meeting, which will as usual be held during the Conference in Durban. We look forward to a good representation from European associations.

European Scout Conference

The report of the Luxembourg Conference has been published and is available on the web site. The planning for the next Conference in 2001 has started with Junak in the Czech Republic (jointly with WAGGGS).


The number of guests at Kandersteg in 1998 increased compared with 1997 and the Committee congratulated John Moffat, the Director, and his team. The Europe Committee WAGGGS and the European Scout Committee will be meeting at Kandersteg in March 1999.


The Committee welcomed Anna Keep to her new role as Deputy Director, External Relations, based at the European Scout Office in Brussels.

We were sorry to say farewell and thank you to Ray Saunders as Director of Communications following his move to a new job with the World Scout Bureau, as Director, Information Technology. Among many other tasks, he successfully faced the challenge of producing 75 issues of Eurofax (from September 1992 to December 1998). Thanks a lot Ray and do not forget Europe!

News from the European Scout Office

Now that the European Scout Office is fully operational in its new locations and the Region has overcome its recent financial and administrative difficulties, the staff is ready and keen to face new challenges and to offer their best possible support to national Scout associations in 1999. If you wish to contact individual members of the team, you can do so at the following locations:




Why the new look in Eurofax?

The Europe Committee WAGGGS has announced its intention to launch a separate fax newsletter for its members and, consequently, has expressed its wish that Eurofax should no longer appear as a joint publication of the Europe Region WAGGGS and the European Scout Region. Eurofax therefore returns to its original purpose as primarily serving members of the World Organization of the Scout Movement in Europe.

EuroSteps 1999 Overview

Here are brief summaries of all the EuroSteps offered in 1999, with codes to help you quickly identify the related areas of the Passport for Europe:

Projects of special interest to Sea or Water Scouts have been marked "W".



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Finland (QL)
















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