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"Eurofax is the monthly newsletter of the European Scout Region. It is produced by the European Scout Office and is distributed to all member associations in the European Region, and others. Reproduction of articles without alteration is encouraged but Eurofax should be acknowledged as the source of the information."

Where to stay in Europe 1999

In July's EuroPak, Associations have received a full set of application documents for the 1999 edition of Where to Stay in Europe - the directory of European centres and camp sites. The current edition has information about 280 centres in 23 countries and it is hoped to further increase the number of centres and countries presented next year.

All associations are encouraged to make this information widely available to centres in their countries so as to give Scouts and Guides further opportunities within Europe. Centres wishing to apply must complete the necessary forms and return these to their National Headquarters. The deadline for applications to be received at Kandersteg International Scout Centre is 30 September 1998 (N.B.: 31 August was incorrectly indicated as the closing date in the July EuroPak.) This deadline must be adhered to as it takes considerable time to enter the all data and prepare the booklet for printing.

If you have any questions, or need any more information, please contact John Moffat at Kandersteg International Scout Centre, CH-3718 Kandersteg, Switzerland, Tel: +41.33/675 82 82; Fax: +41.33/675 82 89

The European camp staff programme 1999

All WOSM member organisations have received full documentation for entries into the 1999 European Camp Staff Programme. The aim of this programme is to assist young Americans to develop their leadership skills and intercultural learning through a placement as a volunteer at a Scout Centre in Europe. Centres interested in hosting a participant in this programme must already possess an established staffing programme and be able to cope with hosting foreign Scouts for a period of at least 6 weeks. Completed application forms must be returned to Kandersteg International Scout Centre no later than 31 August 1998. Late applications will not be included in the 1999 programme.


Please return your completed EuroSteps '99 application forms to the European Office by 11 September. The form can be found in June's Europak. Please complete it with details of your project(s) and also send a map, photos, slides or video, if you have not done so previously. Please also return the EuroSteps '98 evaluation form, if appropriate.


September's Europak will contain the report of the 16th European Scout Conference (including the Regional Scout Plan 1999-2007 and resolutions) and the Seminars and Events '99 document to assist national associations in their planning processes. Key events to be organised next year include joint seminars with WAGGGS on the following topics: voluntary youth work; development education; information and communication; the maritime environment; Sea Scouting and Guiding; children's rights; international leadership. There will be a meeting of European youth representatives, two meetings of the North-South and Overture networks and the European Guide and Scout Centre Managers' Conference. In addition, WOSM will run a seminar on project management, a forum on youth programme and adult resources, a Euro-Arab meeting and The Peace Cruise.

A project for everyone

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights has long been considered by some as the 'world's best kept secret' (writes Janneke Rebergen of Scouting Nederland), yet it will have existed for fifty years come 10 December 1998. The Declaration enshrines the basic rights which all citizens in the world should enjoy. Some of these rights, such as the right to leisure and the right of association, are crucial to voluntary organisations like ours. Emphasizing the importance of such rights was exactly the reason why Scouting Nederland agreed to undertake this project when approached by Amnesty International. On our National Scouting Day, we collected over 30,000 signatures in support of the Declaration. Our members of all ages went out onto the streets, not only making it obvious that Scouting Nederland is a growing organisation but at the same time making clear that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is there for everyone.

This year, Amnesty International will be trying to collect as many signatures as possible from all over the world, and most likely in your country too. Many more Scouts and Guides could do what their Scouting Nederland's friends did! As we approach the World Scout Jamboree, your members can make it clear to people in your country that our way of living as Scouts or Guides is directly related to the freedoms we enjoy. Others should have that same freedom, shouldn't they? We hope that European associations can offer their help to Amnesty International in unveiling "the world's best kept secret". It's a simple thing to do, but the signal that Scouts and Guides give by doing so cannot be ignored. Let's unveil the world's best kept secret as we prepare ourselves for the World Scout Jamboree!

Jamboree-On-The-Air/Jamboree-On-The-Internet (JOTA/JOTI)

Dates for these two annual international events, which coincide, are 17-18 October 1998. They both offer excellent opportunities to bring Scouts together worldwide through radio or electronic communications. If you haven't considered getting your members involved before, why not try it this year? You'll find more information about these events by visiting the relevant web pages at URLs: and or consult the Scoutpak of 23 June.


The European Scout Office is seeking to recruit an Assistant Director of Public Relations, to assist the Director of Public Relations in his work, particularly in terms of communication and relations in connection with The Peace Cruise.

His or her main duties will be the following:

The successful applicant will also assist the Director of Public Relations in all his representation and communication-related tasks with the various European institutions and European youth platforms.

Applicants should possess the following qualifications and skills:

The position is based in Brussels, and candidates - male of female - will be required to already possess or obtain valid residence and work permits for Belgium.

The appointment is for one year, starting 1 October 1998, with a possibility for annual renewal. There shall be no reimbursement of removal or relocation expenses.

Interested persons are invited to submit a letter of application and their curriculum vitae before 1 September 1998. For additional information, please contact Aidan Jones, European Scout Office, 299 Avenue Molière, B-1050 Brussels. Fax: +32.2/346 00 07. Email:


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