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"Eurofax is the monthly newsletter of the European Scout Region. It is produced by the European Scout Office and is distributed to all member associations in the European Region, and others. Reproduction of articles without alteration is encouraged but Eurofax should be acknowledged as the source of the information."

International Language Learning

The European Youth Centres of the Council of Europe are inviting applications for a training course entitled Training Course on Intercultural Language Learning, to take place in Strasbourg, 10-15 November. They aim to show how the context of a language course can promote intercultural learning for the benefit of youth workers and leaders who participate and who act as multipliers in their international work. This is a specialist course for those experienced in language teaching. Full details were circulated in June's Europak. Applications should be sent directly to the European Youth Centre by 10 September. Copies of any applications should be sent to the European Guide and Scout Office. We hope members are able to take advantage of this opportunity. Contact either Richard Amalvy ( or Heather Roy ( in the European Guide and Scout Office (Fax: +32.2/346 3917) for further information.

1st Arab/European Ecological Gathering

Under the theme of "Scouting for Sustainable Development", the Tunisian Scout Association, in cooperation with the Arab Scout Region and the European Scout Region, will organize the Gathering during the period from 1-10 August 1998. (from Arab Scout News, Issue 2) The gathering aims to spread awareness of environmental issues, strengthening the network between associations and organizations in the field of protecting environment and reinforce affinity between Arab and European Scout Regions. National Scout Associations can participate with a contingent of 24 Scouts of age range 17 to 22 years (Senior Scouts and Rovers) and 3 leaders. Participation fees are US$ 200 covering all costs of accommodation, food and domestic transportation and tours. The Tunisian Scout Association will cover all camp accommodation expenses for the entire period (1-10 August 1998). Moreover, they will provide lodging for participants' contingents a day before and a day after the Gathering. For more details, contact the Tunisian Scout Association (Fax: +216.1/79 12 06), the Arab Regional Office (Fax: +20.2/263 33 14 Email: or the European Scout Office. (This project is included in the EuroSteps'98 programme. More details can be found in the EuroSteps'98 booklet.)

Arab Scout News

Eurofax welcomes the recent launch of an email version of Arab Scout News in English, published by the Arab Regional Office. The relationship between our two regions is strengthened by this new development which contributes to greater international awareness, understanding and exchange. Fawzi Farghali, Regional Director of the Arab Scout Region, invites all European Scout Region members to write to him to be added to the mailing list for this new publication; "They can send us their request and their e-mail addresses and we will send them our News on a regular basis."

Adolescent Health and Emotional Development

The deadline for application to attend the European seminar on adolescent health and emotional development is 24 July. This is the final reminder. The seminar will be held at the European Youth Centre in Budapest, Hungary, 19-25 September. The invitation and application form can be found in April's Europak.

Network Meeting

The European Scout Region and Europe Region WAGGGS are jointly organizing the annual meeting for those Guides and Scouts involved in influencing youth policy on behalf of their national associations in a national youth council and for those representing European Scouting or Guiding in the European youth platforms. The meeting provides training for national and European representatives, discussion of issues of mutual relevance, strengthens networks to develop the influence of Guiding and Scouting, co-ordinates the approaches to youth policy in Europe, and generally motivates participants for further involvement. The meeting will take place in Vienna, Austria, 17-20 September 1998. Applications must be received by the European Guide and Scout Office no later than 1 August. Details were circulated in June's Europak.

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A European Region seminar, entitled "Building the Global Village - new strategies for multi-cultural learning", was held in CourriŠre, Belgium, in December 1994. An important results of that seminar was the merger of all the then existing electronic computer networks into a single one, called the 'Global ScoutNet', which then registered the Internet domain, ''. Today, Global ScoutNet is the only dual-technology Scout computer network. It uses both the Internet and the BBS (bulletin board system) networks to reach the highest potential audience amongst Scouts world-wide. Global ScoutNet offers conferences which can be accessed either as mailing lists or as news groups (via Internet) or as Echomail (from the many BBS in the network). It operates a gateway which provides free email access even to BBS users who aren't on the Internet, and its file areas are accessible both on bulletin board systems and on the Internet. The only internet domain used by Global ScoutNet is

The promotion of another network, calling itself the Global Scoutnet Organization (or GSO) and using the Internet domain, has caused confusion and concern among member organizations. It is important to confirm that, at the Regional level, our relationship continues to be exclusively with the Global ScoutNet created at our European seminar, and not with GSO.

Gino Lucrezi, elected international co-ordinator of Global ScoutNet and an active member of AGESCI's Experimental Information Technology Group in Italy, explains, "We have no relationship at all with 'GSO'. This means that anything related to the domain is 'GSO' stuff, and has nothing to do with Global ScoutNet, as founded in 1994. The correct name of our network is Global ScoutNet, without any other qualifier such as 'organization'." For more information about Global ScoutNet, please contact Gino directly.

EuroSteps 1999

Many thanks to the EuroSteps which have already sent in their applications for 1999. For those who have not, the application form can be found in June's Europak. Please complete it with details of your project(s) and post to the European Office to arrive no later than 11 September. Please send a map, photos, slides or video, if you have not done so previously. Existing EuroSteps should also return the EuroSteps'98 evaluation form and any information you may have gathered about young people's views or experiences of this programme and suggestions on how to improve it.

WAGGGS' seminar

The Europe Region WAGGGS is organising a seminar on 'Male leaders in Guiding', to be held in Switzerland 12-15 November. The invitation to the seminar was sent to associations in July's Europak. Closing date for applications is 25 September. Further info from Annis Tammisto, Programme Executive, Europe Region WAGGGS.


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