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Jacques Santer addresses conference

Jacques Santer, President of the European Commission addressed the European Guide and Scout Conference on its final day, 7 May. Mr. Santer stressed the importance of member states addressing the needs and hopes of the young people through increased co-operation in Europe. Mr. Santer praised the contributions that Guiding and Scouting make to strengthening peace, solidarity and freedom. "In meeting the challenges of the 21st century, we must not lose sight of the goals and values which are at the heart of the European movement: peace, solidarity and freedom. These values coincide with those of youth movements, of the Guides and the Scouts," he said. "Your actions are a model of co-operation at European level and at world level. Your actions allow the respect of our shared values to be perpetuated, and young people to be prepared for their future responsibilities - responsibilities that they will have to assume within the Europe of the 21st century." These themes were clearly reflected in the recommendations adopted by the European Guide and Scout Conference shortly after Mr Santer's address. Member organizations voting in the two separate conferences, the European Scout Conference and the European Guide Conference, expressed their overwhelming support for identical resolutions shaping the form of future co-operation between the two regions in Europe. As a direct result, the two regions have established a mutual basis on which to build the joint work of this new triennium.

16th European Scout Conference

The 16th European Scout Conference welcomed over 230 participants. In addition to the 35 member countries present, representatives from the three countries in the region still to be recognised - Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Bulgaria - were amongst the guests. The agenda of the conference was decidedly forward looking, in view of arriving at the close of the six-year experimental period initiated by the Helsingborg Resolution. During that time, some elements of the region's functions had been temporarily suspended but these have now been fully restored. A new regional Scout plan was adopted which, while subject to review at each triennial conference, sets a course towards 2007 and the centennial of Scouting. The European Scout Plan 1999-2007 sets out broad goals within 5 key themes: developing and promoting our movement; better Scouting for more young people; the adults we need; a regional communication network; support to the development of national member organizations. Other conference resolutions covered items as diverse as monetary union and the 'euro', a European Jamboree in 2001, and anti-personnel mines. English and French texts of all the resolutions adopted during the 16th European Scout Conference can be downloaded from the official European Scout Region's web site: The new European Scout Committee comprises David Bull (Chairman), Per Hylander (Vice- Chairman), Thérèse Bermingham, George Hourdakis, Maarten Veldhuijen, José Antonio Warletta.

European Guide Conference

The understanding and unity amongst all types of Associations in the Europe Region WAGGGS is very strong today and the European Guide Conference gave a strong direction to the Europe Committee WAGGGS as to their hope for the future. (writes Marianne Karstensen) The European Guide Conference also approved recommendations on the Europe Region WAGGGS work plan 1998-2001, Europe Contribution, distribution, co-ordination and translations of written materials, land mines and voting procedure at Conferences. Regula Furrer (Chairman), Sheran Oke (Vice-Chairman), Monika Fabjan, Hanna Lindquist, Barbara Calvi and Marjeta Cevc were elected to serve on the Europe Committee WAGGGS, which will meet on the 19-21 June in Brussels. Heather Brandon, Chairman World Board and Lesley Bulman, Director World Bureau WAGGGS attended the European Guide Conference. "We in WAGGGS believe strongly that we should continue to cooperate with WOSM on joint efforts and to share our common expertise so that we provide a better, simpler and more imaginative service to you, our members," declared Heather Brandon in her speech to the conference.

Europe For You ! - Experience and Adventure 2

As follow-up to the workshop on Europe For You ! held in February 1997 at the International Guide and Scout Camp Bucher Berg, a seminar on the same topic was organised from 18-24 April 1998 in Pappenheim, Germany, planned and hosted by the Verband Christlicher Pfadfinderinnen und Pfadfinder, Landesverband Bayern, in partnership with the European Scout Office. It was attended by 23 representatives of Scout associations from Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Switzerland and Yugoslavia. Eleven of the participants were responsible for EuroSteps in their own countries. During the seminar, participants examined youth trends and the needs of young people aged 16-22 in different countries and shared their ideas and experiences of working with the Passport For Europe and EuroSteps. They had the opportunity to discover the local nature park, learn about green tourism, try out interesting activities offered at Bucher Berg and pick up practical tips on designing programmes, training voluntary staff, developing a corporate identity and improving communications. Each participant planned a project to implement back home, e.g. setting up a EuroDesk to provide information on Europe For You !, designing training courses for leaders, promoting intercultural learning among Rovers, improving existing EuroSteps or planning new ones, establishing a network to support the implementation of Europe For You ! The report will contain recommendations on follow-up for national associations.

Sunrise City 98

The purpose of the Sunrise City project is the psycho-social rehabilitation and prevention of behavioural disturbances of children who have lost one or both of their parents, or suffered other stressful situations (separation through conflict, relocation, injury, etc.). Living and learning with their peers, through a programme and camp-life based on the Scout Principles and Method, child war victims have the opportunity to regain at least a part of their psycho-social stability and awareness of the possibilities for a better future. Building on past experience, this year's camps will extend a welcome to other groups of children who might benefit from such rehabilitative treatment. The participation of Scouts or Guides from other countries is particularly welcome in all aspects of Sunrise City. Members, aged 8-18 years old, can come as a group with a leader and contribute to fulfilling the aims of the project, by sharing their activities and providing companionship for the participants. Experienced leaders and young leaders can also assist, as volunteers, patrol mentors, workshop or activity leaders. Six Sunrise City camps, each lasting around 2 weeks, will take place during July and August, either at the Fuzine Scout Centre or on the 'Youth Island' off the Croatian coast. Volunteer participants are asked to contibute USD 100 towards the costs of their personal food and board. Full details of dates etc (or how to send donations to support the work of the project) can be obtained by contacting Bonny Bosnjak, Sunrise City, The Scout Association, P.O. Box 26, HR-10020 Zagreb, Croatia. Tel/Fax: +385/ 1 65 29 221.

International Youth Gathering

The Arab Scout Region, in cooperation with UNESCO and the Supreme Council for Youth & Sports in Egypt, organized an International Youth Gathering in Egypt from 27 March to 3 April 1998. This event gathered youth representatives from all over the world, representing 21 countries from the African, Arab, Asia-Pacific and European Scout Regions as well as from UNESCO, the Supreme Council for Youth & Sports in Egypt and the Egypt Radio Amateurs Assembly. Participants were able to discover the Ancient Egyptian civilization, exchange experiences of preserving culture and civilization in their own countries, take part in a pilot project to protect ancient monuments and express their solidarity with people in Luxor. The evaluation of the event by participants was very positive. Rod from Luxembourg said: "I liked most the cultural visits to Karnak Temple and Luxor Temple and I was very impressed by the Pyramids". Dimitris from Greece added: "Everything was perfect! I found it very interesting that many people from different countries met in the same place and exchanged experiences and ideas ... The most interesting activity was the home hospitality because we were able to discuss with some traditional families". The European Scout Region expresses its warm thanks to the Arab Scout Region for organising this event and enabling young Europeans to experience at first-hand the rich cultural heritage of Egypt and the generous hospitality of its people.

Au revoir, Jean-Pierre

After more than 15 years of worthy and loyal service, Jean-Pierre Isbendjian, Deputy Regional Director, has decided to invest the skills that he has placed at the benefit of the European Scout Office in a new professional career. His decision was made public during the recent European Scout Conference. During his period with the office, Jean-Pierre has become a well known figure throughout the region and further afield. We wish him all the best for the future.

New Eurofax web site launched

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