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Summer Get Together

A reminder that 27 March is the deadline for receipt of applications to this second forum on adults in Scouting and leader training, which will be held in Olympia, Greece from 4-12 July 1998. Completed application forms should be sent to the European Guide and Scout Office.

European Scout Conference

The following conference documents are being distributed with Europak: Document A, Revision 1, containing a revised agenda for the European Scout Conference; Document B, a draft proposal for the European Scout Plan 1999-2007 - Launching the second century of Scouting in Europe; Document C, Analysis of three hypotheses for the future of the European Scout Region; and Document D, presenting the candidates for election to the European Scout Committee. Document E, the European Scout Committee's report on the triennium, is being finalised for later distribution.

Youth events - United Nations

From 2 to 12 August 1998, Portugal will host five international events of importance to youth worldwide. These events will also provide a major platform for the promotion of Scouting to a truly international audience. These include: 3rd World Youth Forum (2-6 August); World Youth Festival (2 - 8 August); 1st World Conference of Ministers responsible for Youth (8 - 12 August). In addition, Lisbon, the Portuguese capital city, will host EXPO 98, the last World Exhibition of this century, to be held from 21 May to 30 September 1998, along the Tage river bank, with the theme Oceans and Water. Circular N° 7/98: Youth Events - United Nations has been distributed in the March Scoutpak from the World Scout Bureau to inform all national Scout organizations about these and the other related events. The World Organization will participate as an observer in the World Conference of Ministers responsible for Youth. Furthermore, WOSM is a member of the preparatory team of the 3rd World Youth Forum. Scouting is also contributing to the preparations of the World Youth Festival, thanks to former Portuguese Scout leaders who have joined the organizing committee of this event.

National Scout Organizations and Associations are invited to participate in these events in the following ways:

  1. For the Youth Forum of the United Nations, by proposing one Scout candidate (male or female, between 18 and 30 years old) to the National Youth Council in your country (which is responsible for the selection of two young delegates). In case there is no National Youth Council in your country, we recommend that you contact the Ministry of Youth directly
  2. For the World Youth Festival, by sending participants, male and female (between 18 and 30 years old). The cost of their trip is at their own expense. The registration fee is USD 150 per person. It includes camping accommodation, meals from 2 to 8 August, transportation from Lisbon airport to Caparica beach (40 km), activities and visits, including EXPO 98. Further details are available from the World Youth Festival Secretariat. Fax: +351.1/357 1370 Email:
  3. For the Conference of Ministers, by proposing one young Scout leader (male or female) of your Association to the Ministry of Youth of your respective country to include in the official delegation to each of the conferences.
  4. For EXPO 98, by offering exhibitions and activities on your Association's projects related to one or several themes (see questionnaire). The North-South Centre of the Council of Europe has invited WOSM to contribute to the activities of their pavilion throughout the duration of EXPO 98.

In order to help the World Scout Bureau and Portuguese Scouting to co-ordinate the participation of Scouts in these various events, associations are asked to return the questionnaire enclosed with the circular before 15 April 1998.

Building European Citizenship

The European Youth Centre in Budapest welcomed 35 participants from 19 countries (and 23 Associations) for this seminar. The aim was to identify how Guiding and Scouting can contribute to building European citizenship and to manage the change taking place. The programme invited the participants to discover the many perceptions of the Europe we live in, perceptions shaped by our common and personal history, prejudices, stereotypes, the democratic framework and social and economic conditions. Participants agreed common definitions of citizenship and Europe which were used for reference in the production units. 6 units on training of leaders, programme development, international camps and partnership between Associations were produced.

Interested in everything international?

Do you wish to know how Scout and Guide leaders plan a programme in another country? If you are interested in learning more about such differences and also wish to experience a truly international leader training, contact Vässarö Scout Centre! Our annual International Leaders' Training Course takes place at Vässarö, 2-9 August 1998, and we have room for more international leaders to participate. Seize the opportunity to learn more while enjoying a week on a beautiful island in the Baltic Sea. There will be plenty of outdoor activities, such as hikes and sailing, and, naturally, there will be training sessions under the clear blue sky. You must be at least 18 years old and fully understand English. Our leader training courses usually attract leaders from 18-50 years of age. Contact: Vässarö Scout Centre, Fridhemsgatan 8, SE-112 40 Stockholm, Sweden. Tel: +46.8/652 05 10 Fax +46.8/ 653 35 11 email:

Invitation to Slovakia

Slovensky Skauting invite Scouts and Guides from all over Europe to join them in Zarnovica, Slovakia for Scout and Guide meeting in the heart of Europe - Zarnovica '98, 26 June to 5 July 1998. This continues the tradition of 'Camps of Slavonic Scouts', begun in 1931 and revived last year by the gathering of Phoenix '97 held in Prague. 2,500 participants are expected from around 30 countries world wide. Contact: Slovensky Skauting, Heyrovského 2, SK-84103 Bratislava, Slovakia. Tel/Fax: +421.7/78 74 31.

Complete the Baden-Powell Walk

Northumberland County Scout Council, in the United Kingdom, invites you to follow the Baden-Powell Walk. The trail begins from the Humshaugh Camp, site of Baden-Powell's first official Scout camp, held in 1908. A special commemorative camp will be held, 22 August - 4 September 1998, but because of limited space at the site and demand for places, a maximum of only two nights camping will be possible for each visitor. For further information, please send a self-addressed envelope to Northumberland County Scout Council, 9 Osborne Road, Jesmond, Newcastle-upon- Tyne NE2 2AE.

International week in Westerwald

The national Scout and Guide centre of DPSG, Germany, in the Westerwald, near Limburg, invites you to join them in an International Week, 7-16 August 1998. The aim is to enable groups of participants to organize their camps together, share experiences and create new international friendships. Apart from the official opening ceremony, the official campfire and the closing ceremony, groups are free to organize their own programmes, with assistance from the camp organizers, as needed. Contact: Bundeszentrum der DPSG, c/o Herrn Claude Rollin, Zum Weltstein 50, D-56479 Westernohe/Westerwald, Germany. Tel: +49.2664/50 70 Fax: +49.2664/50 749

Bronze Wolf Awards

The World Scout Committee has recently awarded the Bronze Wolf to Baldur Hermans, International Commissioner of the Ring deutscher Pfadfinderverbände, and Morris Zilka, General Commissioner of the Israel Boy and Girl Scouts Federation. The Bronze Wolf is awarded to individuals in recognition of their 'outstanding services of the most exceptional character'.

World Scout Pin

A new World Scout pin, featuring the World Scout Emblem accompanied by the words 'World Scout', has been introduced. "By adding the words WORLD SCOUT, more people will understand the significance of the emblem", explains Frankie Roman, Chairman of the World Scout Committee. The new pins can be ordered in multiples of 100 from SCORE International, or via the World Scout Bureau; order forms are available by fax: (+41.22) 781 20 53.

Royal Scout event

The World Scout Foundation and The Scout Association of the United Kingdom have joined forces to organise a Royal Scout Event to be held 13 May in the Natural History Museum in London. It will be attended by HM Queen Elizabeth II, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, their Majesties the King and Queen of Sweden and HRH The Duke of Kent.


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