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16th European Scout Conference

The 16th European Scout Conference will be held between 5th and 7th May 1998 in Luxembourg, during the 9th European Guide and Scout Conference. Document A, comprising the Provisional Agenda, the Constitution of the European Regional Scout Organisation and Additional Rules of Procedure was distributed to all national Scout organizations in the European Scout Region. A revised version of this document is being prepared and will be mailed to all national member organizations and national member associations in the European Scout Region, together with further documentation for the conference, in the coming weeks.

WOSM gains new members

The World Organization of the Scout Movement started 1998 by welcoming in two new member countries: Georgia and Slovakia, bringing the total number of members to 148.

Sakartvelos Skauturi Modzraobis Organizatsia (Georgian Organization of the Scout Movement)

The Republic of Georgia became independent with the break up of the USSR in 1991. In 1992, students at the University of Tbilisi took an interest in starting Scouting. GOSM has presently 1,063 members, boys and girls. Georgian Scouts have actively participated in recent World Scouting events (Jamboree and Moot) at the invitation of the World Scout Committee.  They maintain relationships of co-operation with other Scout associations, particularly those in Eurasia, and France.

Slovensky skauting (Slovak Scouting)

Slovensky skauting is the National Scout and Guide Organization operating in the Slovak Republic. With 4,510 Scout members (and 3,000 girls), Slovensky skauting is the largest youth organization in Slovakia.

Scouting in Slovakia started in 1913 in connection with Hungarian Scouting as Slovakia was, at the time, part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. On 1 January 1993, Czechoslovakia split into two countries - the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. Since then, Slovensky skauting has started its independent development. Slovensky skauting is working hard to train its leaders and to update its youth programme. Several training courses have taken place over the last two years and a Strategic Planning Seminar is being organized with the support of the European Scout Office.

Europe For You !

The deadline for application to the European seminar on Europe For You! - Adventure and Experience is 2 March. It will be held in Pappenheim, Germany from 18-24 April 1998. It will give members of national programme teams and EuroSteps organisers the chance to share their ideas and experiences of how to develop new Passport for Europe and EuroSteps projects, as well as how to improve existing projects. There is no age limit for this event. The working language will be English only.

EuroSteps and Where to Stay in Europe

Extra copies of the EuroSteps and Where to Stay in Europe booklets for 1998 can be ordered by associations from the European Office using the Europe For You! order form. Please encourage local groups to take part by spreading information as widely as possible through magazines, newsletters and your web sites. If you haven't yet seen our slide presentation on Europe For You !, you can check it out on the official European Scout web site:

Summer Get Together

This second forum on adults in Scouting and leader training will be held in Olympia, Greece from 4-12 July 1998. Participants should be members of national adult resources/training teams. The aim of the event is to strengthen the links between the management of adult resources and youth programme delivery, and to identify and develop good practice in national associations relating to the recruitment and integration of adult resources and to training and support. There is no age limit. The working languages will be English and French. The application form, previously sent via Europak, should be completed and returned to the European Office by 27 March.

The Kandersteg winter retreat

40 representatives of 17 Scout associations attended a seminar on management training at Kandersteg International Scout Centre from 23-28 January. The participants were members of national teams. The programme focused on the 5 strategic priorities: youth programme, adults in Scouting, management, growth and financial resources. Following introductory sessions on each of these topics, participants analysed the culture and present situation of their own associations, shared their visions for the future, set priorities and worked on their national plans to implement the strategy for Scouting towards 2002, Better Scouting for more young people.

Informal networks

The next meeting of the north-south and "Overture" informal networks will be held in Portugal from 20-22 March, hosted by Corpo Nacional Escutas. For information and registration, please contact the International Commissioner, Ezequiel Marinho. Fax: (+ 351.1) 395 06 41.

1st Arab-European Scout Gathering

Scout Associations are invited to the El-Sedria international camping and training centre in Tunis for this event, 1-10 August 1998, under the theme =8CScouting for continuous development. Participants, males and females aged 17-22 years, will examine a broad range of issues including bio-diversity, solar and alternative energies, pollution, coastal protection. The camp fee of USD 200 covers accommodation, food and local transport. Further information from the Tunisian Scouts: Fax: (+216.1) 791206.

Thinking Day, 22 February 1998

"For this is our very own day, shared with all the other millions of  Girl Guides - and Girl Scout too - who are scattered over the face of the globe...." said by Olave Baden-Powell, February 1960. Thinking Day is a special date on which all Girl Guides/Girl Scouts throughout the world remember that they are part of an international Movement. Guides are encouraged to make a donation as an expression of solidarity, and to offer support to girls and young women who wish to have the same opportunities to benefit from Guiding as they do. Pennies, cents, pesetas, kroner, lire... all WAGGGS members can contribute to ensure that it can support the basic needs of many girls and young women world-wide, explains Marianne Karstensen.

Thank you and wishing you a Happy Thinking Day 1998!

Mini Jamboree 1998

Kandersteg International Scout Centre was founded after the 1st World Scout Jamboree - to provide a permanent International Home for Scouting. What better place to hold a Mini Jamboree? To celebrate our 75th Anniversary we invite Scouts from all over the World to come and enjoy a programme of team challenges, fun, Alpine Adventure and Workshops on current vital themes. You will make friends and memories to last a lifetime. We have already had world-wide interest so we recommend contacting your National Association quickly for the details.

2nd Forum For Europe, Rome

The First WAGGGS Forum for Europe was organised for all members of the Europe Region WAGGGS in July 1997. In order to follow up the work started then and to strengthen unity amongst WAGGGS associations in the Region, the World Board and the Europe Committee WAGGGS invite Members Associations to attend a Second Forum in Rome, 20-22 March 1998. These meetings give input and identify the needs of Associations in Europe to enable WAGGGS to better support the work and formulate policies on a wider level.

Building World Citizenship

Pax Lodge, Olave Centre, London, will host the Juliette Low seminar from the 12th-21st September 1998. The seminar, on the current WAGGGS theme of building world citizenship, is open to 30 participants, aged 18-25, coming from all over the world. Young people selected will take part in an exciting, in-depth seminar which will enable them to put the triennium theme into action while building global networks and international friendship. Participants should be involved in international Guiding and should possess the potential to be involved at national, regional or world level. Contact Pax Lodge for obtaining registration forms or any other information you may wish to have. Tel: (+44.171) 435 2202 Fax: (+44.171) 431 3825


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