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"Eurofax is the monthly newsletter of the European Scout Region. It is produced by the European Scout Office and is distributed to all member associations in the European Region, and others. Reproduction of articles without alteration is encouraged but Eurofax should be acknowledged as the source of the information."

16th European Scout Conference

The 16th European Scout Conference will be held between 5th and 7th May 1998 in Luxembourg, during the 9th European Guide and Scout Conference. Document A, comprising the Provisional Agenda, the Constitution of the European Regional Scout Organisation and Additional Rules of Procedure has been distributed to all national Scout organizations in the European Scout Region. All associations are invited to submit topics or themes for discussion and items for presentation in the Open Session. Particular attention must be drawn to the fact that Article IV, 2 d) of the Constitution of the European Regional Scout Organisation allows nominations for election to the European Scout Committee to be received by the Secretary (Regional Director) until 2 months ahead of the Conference. Accordingly, if any National Member Organisation intends to submit a nomination but has not yet done so, this must be received by the Regional Director no later than 28 February 1998, in order that a final list of candidates may be distributed prior to the conference.

Young Volunteers Seminar

A European Seminar on 'Young Volunteers' will take place at Kandersteg International Scout Centre, Switzerland, from 28 March to 4 April 1998. The aim of the seminar is to encourage National Associations to provide more opportunities for young people to undertake voluntary service, both at home and abroad. The programme will include plenary and workshop sessions about many different aspects of voluntary service, such as financial support, Scout & Guide Centres and community development projects. By the end of the seminar, it is hoped to be able to generate new ideas for the European Voluntary Service. Invitations for the seminar were sent out in December and applications must be received by 6 February 1998, via international commissioners, at Kandersteg International Scout Centre, CH-3718 Kandersteg, Switzerland. Tel: (+41.33) 675 82 82 Fax: (+41.33) 675 82 89 Email:

Europe For You !

A reminder that the European seminar on Europe For You ! will be held in Pappenheim, Germany from 18-24 April 1998. Participants should be members of national programme teams responsible for developing programmes for young people aged 16-22 and organisers of EuroSteps. There is no age limit for this event. Due to lack of funding, we regret that we will no longer be able to provide interpreting services, so the working language will be English only. The deadline for application is 2 March 1998.

Scouts relieve suffering after floods in Spain

Following torrential rains in November, the Rivilla and Calamen rivers overflowed their banks, inundating and devastating extensive areas of Extremadura, including the city of Badajoz, and more specifically one of the poorest quarters in the town. (writes Fernando Guimaraes, International Commissioner of ASDE) In only three hours, the inundation had destroyed more than 200 houses, and 24 people had died. More than 2,000 families were affected by the water. The Scouts of Badajoz were the first to offer help, with other young volunteers, helping to clean streets and houses, organizing places for people without shelter, delivering blankets and food and improvising day-nurseries for children. After these first days of action, the Scouts decided to continue helping their community with a series of campaigns organised throughout the festive Christmas period with the aim of collecting and distributing clothes and toys for the most needy.

EuroSteps and Where to Stay in Europe

All national Scout and/or Guide associations in Europe, as well as all participating centres and sites, will soon have received copies of the EuroSteps '98 and Where to Stay in Europe '98 booklets by now. The EuroSteps booklet contains information about 63 projects in 22 countries and is available in English, French and German. The Where to Stay in Europe booklet contains information 280 centres in 23 countries and is available in an English/French version. Our website is now being updated. Please do your best to ensure that as many local groups as possible receive the information and include articles in your magazines and newsletters. If you wish to order more Europe For You ! material, please complete the Europe For You ! order form and send it to the European Office.

Happy Birthday Kandersteg!

1998 sees the 75th Anniversary of Kandersteg International Scout Centre, Switzerland. The Centre was established in 1923 with the active support of Lord Baden-Powell and since then, well over 1 million young people have visited the Centre and experienced it's very special atmosphere. A variety of special activities are being organised to celebrate the year, the biggest of which will be the celebrations on 1 August, the Swiss National Day. For more information about the Centre in general and the activities being offered, please contact Kandersteg International Scout Centre, CH-3718 Kandersteg, Switzerland. Tel: (+41.33) 675 82 82 Fax: (+41.33) 675 82 89 Email:

Informal networks

The next meeting of the north-south and "Overture" informal networks will be held in Portugal from 20-22 March, hosted by Corpo Nacional Escutas. For information and registration, please contact the International Commissioner, Ezequiel Marinho, Fax: (+ 351.1) 395 06 41.

SCENES Start-Up Kit Now Available

SCENES is the name of the World Scouting project to establish a network of "Scout Centres of Excellence for Nature and Environment". The concept was introduced at the World Scout Conference in 1993 in Bangkok, Thailand, and now, as a result of field testing, a SCENES Start-Up Kit has just been published and sent to all national Scout organizations. The purpose of SCENES is to strengthen the fundamental roles of Nature and Environment in Scouting. These are: Education through nature and the environment; learning about nature and the environment, and action for nature and the environment. The initial development of the SCENES project was carried out by a special world-level task force financed by a grant from the Johann Jacobs Foundation. A second special task force in the Boy Scouts of America worked on the development of SCENES in the U.S.A. The work of these two task forces led to pilot testing in several places around the world. A SCENES Forum held in Denmark in 1996 developed the Start-Up Kit which has just been published. SCENES are "demonstration sites" providing hands-on natural and cultural environmental activities for Scouts and training opportunities for adult leaders. They will operate to the highest environmental standards possible in their local area and they will interact with their local community. It is the responsibility of National Scout Associations to establish specific requirements for recognition as a SCENES Centre, in accordance with the guidelines in the Start-Up Kit. The World Organization will support the SCENES implementation in other ways, including: provision of certificates of recognition to accredited SCENES Centres; creation of a world directory, and establishment of a network of SCENES centres on the Internet.

Join-In-Jamboree begins - Programme Booklet

Share the experience of the upcoming World Scout Jamboree! The Scout Association in the United Kingdom has published a 64-page book containing Join-in-Jamboree activities which can be conducted in conjunction with the 19th World Scout Jamboree to be held in Chile in 1998-99. A Join-in-Jamboree is a chance for every member to share in the excitement, adventure, fun and sense of hope that the World Jamboree will bring alive. The book helps leaders to plan programmes with a Jamboree theme for the year before the event. For each copy sold, 25 pence will be donated to Operation "Los Andes", the fund established to help Scouts from developing countries attend the Jamboree. Order from Scout Shops Limited, Churchill Industrial Estate, Lancing, West Sussex BN15 8UG; Fax: (+44 1903) 750993. Price: £3.50 plus shipping. Item: 87725-1. Join-in-Jamboree materials also will be published in Chile by the hosts of the World Scout Jamboree.

Interamerican Scout Conference

The 20th Interamerican Scout Conference will be hosted by the Scouts of Mexico in Guadalajara from 22-27 March 1998. It will be preceded by pre-Conference events from 20 March, focusing on the implementation of the World Programme Policy and the Adult Resources Policy. The European Scout Region will be represented by Josť Antonio Warletta, Chairman of the European Scout Committee, and Kjeld Jespersen, Director of Adult Resources.


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