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Scout & Guide Centre Managers'

Seventy five participants met at the Irene Tsimbouki Training Centre near Athens, Greece to take part in the 5th European Scout & Guide Centre Managers' Conference, 8-11 October, representing 47 centres from 17 countries in Europe, and several National Organisations. The conference strengthens and develops co-operation between Scout and Guide Centres and facilitates working relations amongst their staff members. It offers a valuable forum for managers of many different types of Centres to meet, exchange ideas and discuss subjects of common interest. Topics discussed at the conference included the role of Scout and Guide centres in Europe, international voluntary staff, safety standards in activities, the use of evaluations at a centre and the Europe For You ! programme. Participants ran workshops on a wide range of topics including the use of the Internet, environmental activities and EuroSteps. Participants also visited Athens and the local area to experience a Greek evening organised by the Greek Girl Guides Association. There was a general feeling that the conference was very worthwhile for all concerned and it is to be hoped that the links made will continue to grow to the benefit of all your young people. A special thanks must go to all those who worked so hard to ensure that the conference was a success. Any Centre interested in hosting the next conference, (planned for Autumn 1999), should contact John Moffat, Director, Kandersteg International Scout Centre, CH-3718 Kandersteg, Switzerland. Tel: (+41.33) 675 82 82 Fax: (+41.33) 675 82 89 Email:

The Voice of Europe - 17 - 23 January 1998

This European seminar aims to identify how to enable young people to participate in a democratic process so that they become more active citizens. At the end, participants will have shared their experience with others and developed an action plan which their association can use to achieve the wider aim of the "Voice of Europe". Participants should be aged between 18 and 30, able to communicate effectively in English and/or French, a broad understanding/knowledge of communication and an interest in promoting involvement of young people in active citizenship and should have experience of a decision making process at national level and the possibility to participate in this process.. Pfadfinderdorf Zellhof has been developed by the Salzburg Scouts and Guides into an international campsite on the edge of Lake Grabensee, near Salzburg. The fee is BEF 14,000 for each participant. Completed application forms must be returned to the European Guide and Scout Office by 28 November 1997. Contact your International Commissioner for further information.


The EuroSteps '98 booklet is at our printer and we expect to have completed the initial distribution to national associations by the end of this month. Thanks to all those national associations which responded to our questionnaire seeking information about the number of copies required. EuroSteps are sites where young people aged 16-22 can participate in projects on the themes of exploration and discovery, quality of life, democracy, culture, solidarity and career and social skills. There are 63 EuroSteps available in 21 countries in Europe and, for the first time, one in our neighbouring Arab region, in Tunisia.

Where to Stay in Europe

Where to Stay in Europe 1998 - the directory of Scout Centres and Guide Centres in Europe - is at an advanced stage of production. This new edition increases the number of centres represented to 280 in 23 countries. National associations will receive their copies in December.

Jamboree on the Internet - first success!

The first official World Scout Jamboree on the Internet was held on the weekend of 18-19 October, at the same time as the 40th Jamboree on the Air. Nearly 100,000 'hits' were recorded on World Organization pages on the Internet during the week of JOTI; there was also a significant increase in traffic during the weeks leading up to the event, and during the week following. An email address list/guest book was provided for groups to post information about themselves and to invite messages from others. 753 entries were made from 76 countries/territories  These include 70 - or almost half - of WOSM's 146 member countries. Chatting was also a popular activity. At one time, some 700 people were logged on to the same network, with at least 6 channels operating in English, and others in other languages. A report is being compiled by the World Scout Bureau and all feedback is appreciated:

Vässarö Basic Leader's Training Course

The Swedish Guide and Scout Association invites participants from other countries to take part in one of its basic leader's training courses (pre-Woodbadge/Trefoil). The course will be open to Swedish participants but the working language will be English. Participants will be divided into patrols for cooking and sleeping outdoors (two tents per patrol: one for men, one for women). Classes will be held both indoors and outdoors. The programme will be organized in cooperation between the course team and the participants and it will include basic leadership knowledge, basic knowledge in group dynamics, development of young people, experiences of Scout programmes from different parts of the world. Dates: 2-9 August 1998. Cost: Approximately SEK 1,750 (all except travel included). Leader in charge: Mr Mikael Goldberg, Member of the Board of the Swedish Guide and Scout Association. Participants must be 18 years of age or older and must be members of a Scout or Guide Association recognized by WOSM or WAGGGS. More information on these courses may be obtained from the Stockholm District of the Swedish Guide and Scout Association. Email:

N.B.: Leaders considering participating in this course are advised to check beforehand with their own national association as to whether such participation can be considered as a valid part of their personal leader training.


Händer is the Swedish word for hands, and Händer 97 - the handicraft camp at  Vässarö Scout Centre - is a genuine handicraft course in a camp site setting. Leaders from 18 years of age and upwards that are members of Scout or Guide Associations recognized by WOSM and/or WAGGGS and course team members eat, sleep and work outdoors. The various types of handicraft include the making of a knife - from the welding of the blade to the making of the sheath; sewing an anorak or a bagpipe out of reindeer hide; working with wool; creating old utility articles by the way of axe or knife; making rope; weaving baskets; outdoor ceramics; tar burning etc. Let's not forget the small talk, the singing and storytelling that easily takes place while crafting. Händer is a highly popular course among Swedish leaders, which is why we recommend a swift preliminary application. The course can accept up to 60 participants, most of them being Swedish. English, however, is a widely spoken language and handicraft is certainly possible to teach and learn through "learning by doing"! Dates: June 21-27 1998 Cost: Approximately SEK 1,700 (some handicrafts require an additional SEK 500-2000). Food and lodging on Vèssarò included in the price. For further information, please contact the leader in charge: Mr Hardy Hedskog (

Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting

World Scouting was exhibited during the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (Edinburgh, 21st -25th October 1997). The Movement plays an important role in the Commonwealth, as every member country has a National Scout Organisation. The stand offered an interesting and informative look at World Scouting today. The exhibit was prepared in cooperation with The Scout Association (UK).

The final word

Here is your chance to offer 'the final word' on a topic related to international Scouting or Guiding. Send your text to the European Guide and Scout Office. Maximum 130 words, please! Views expressed here are personal and do not necessarily reflect the policies of the publishers.

"I am a member of the generation which generally does not like politics. Researches say that we observe politics as a dirty game of interests. But the fact is that politics is the only civilized way of solving problems, removing obstacles and making this world moving forward. What else remains if not politics - conflicts and wars. We also know it in Europe. My sincere belief is that this is your great responsibility as parliamentarians of the world to try harder to make politics more clear and easy to understand. By this you will make it more attractive for young people. One of the most dangerous situations in public life is when citizens are not interested in what is going on in their country. Especially young people must have wide knowledge of public affairs and must feel that these affairs affect their life. Only in this way we will build what is called "the conscious citizenship" and what Scouting works very hard for."

Piotr Borys
International Commissioner, ZHP (Poland)
addressing the House of Representatives in Manila, during the Assembly of
the World Scout Parliamentary Union, 20 August 1997


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