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"Eurofax is the monthly newsletter of the European Scout Region. It is produced by the European Scout Office and is distributed to all member associations in the European Region, and others. Reproduction of articles without alteration is encouraged but Eurofax should be acknowledged as the source of the information."


Hot on the heels of last month's celebration of Eurofax's 100th issue comes the birth of a new sister publication in the Africa Scout Region. Beginning this March, the Africa Scout Office has launched a new communication tool - . This newsletter will only be available via email and will be produced monthly in English and French. will be used as a management tool for National Member Organizations/Associations, keeping them up-to-date with what's happening in and around the region, forthcoming events and activities etc. As a matter of policy, will not be distributed in hard copies through the post. "We are encouraging our National Associations to endeavour to have email facilities - at least in their headquarters - since this is by far the cheapest, most effective and reliable means of communication," explains Lydiah Kiburu, Information Officer in the Africa Scout Region. Subscribing couldn't be easier or cheaper - it's free! To receive future issues of , simply send an email to subscrib


Since 1999, a large part of the yearly grant from the Fund for European Scouting is allocated to the Centenary Fund. The aim of the Centenary Fund is to improve the quality of Scouting in the Associations, to extend Scouting to a greater number of young people, and to support innovative ideas. The Centenary Fund in 2001. Twenty-five applications were received from Associations, categorised as follows: Youth Programme (8), Adult in Scouting (12) and Infrastructure (5). The European Scout Committee had a difficult task to choose among projects of high quality. Nineteen applications were successful and a total amount of USD 400.000.- was granted. For the future, the Committee encourages the Associations to work closely with their Committee contact in order to obtain useful advises which will increase their chances to receive grants from the Centenary Fund. Association are also kindly asked to respect deadlines. Some very good applications had to be refused as they were received too late. The Committee would like to thank again all the Associations for the projects submitted in 2001 and wish them a lot of success in their realisation.


This European Seminar was held in Paris from 3-9 March, and welcomed around 20 participants from 10 different countries. The working areas were selected so as to support the participants and their associations in developing Scouting in urban areas, and to develop their capacity to take into account the specific needs of young people from ethnic minority groups, from religious minorities or from deprived areas within cities. Participants were invited to visit projects in and around Paris, which included projects run by Scouts and by non-Scouting partners. A report on the results and outcome of this seminar will be available soon on the European Scout Region's web site.


The last meeting of the co-ordinating group ­ Europe Committee WAGGGS and the European Scout Committee ­ nominated Portugal to host the next Roverway in 2003. The theme of this regional event for young people aged from 16-22 in "People on the Move". It calls on every young person to get moving to be an active citizen in the world. Portuguese Scouting envisages that the main educational objectives of this Roverway will include: to inspire young people to take responsibility, to involve young people more in planning and preparing the event, to share the wealth of everybodyıs individuality in terms of culture, society and spirituality. Finally, there is the aim for all to experience an event with a strong international flavour and sense of shared citizenship. You will receive further information about this event very soon.


The Second Forum will take place in Malaga, Spain, from 19-26 May 2001. This Regional event is an important date for all members of National Scout Associations with responsibility for Youth Programme and for Adult Resources. An invitation presenting the objectives was sent out in the October Europak, and it is also available from our web site. Here are a few pointers on the main objectives:



This Forum will enable participants to work in international teams and to exchange ideas and good practice during the forum. In the next Europak we will sent you the themes for the international teams and workshops. They will also be available from our web site. For all further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at the e-mail address


A joint event between the Arab Scout Region and UNESCO will take place for the fourth time from 1-12 September 2001. As for each of the previous events, young people from the European Scout Region aged from 18-24 years old are invited to attend. The objectives are as follows: to give young people the opportunity to discover and to understand cultural heritage through visits to unique historical sites; to promote the culture of peace, of tolerance and of mutual understanding between young people through youth exchanges and shared experiences; to promote intercultural dialogue on the challenges to be faced in the 21st century. If you are interested, please contact the Arab Region Scout office by e-mail on


The 12th Asia-Pacific Region Rover Moot will be held in Queensland, Australia from 27 December 2001 to 6 January 2002. The event's theme is "Sun, Surf and Sand" and it is aimed at Rovers and Senior Scouts from 18-26 years of age. The proposed activities for the Moot will reflect Australian culture and will enable you to discover what this huge country is really like. Here are two addresses to note if you are interested:


The national Scout association of Tunisia is organising this event within the framework of the Mediterranean Games that are being held there, and of the International Year of the Volunteer. This meeting is aimed at Rovers and Rangers from 17-25 years of age, and will take place around Tunis from 25 August to 4 September 2001.
The theme of the event is : Friendship, Solidarity and Volunteering. The activities on offer to participants will be varied, and will include historical and cultural learning, an environmental project based on the marine environment of the Mediterranean basin, community development projects. Please distribute this information to your older age sections, and if you would like further information, please contact the International Commissioner of the Tunisian Scout association at the following address:

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