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End of GSO = End of confusion

August, 25th 1998:

As you might have read, GSO (owner of the scout.net domain) is now defunct.

We wish to make it clear that this does not affect the Global Scoutnet, which was founded at Courriere, Belgium, in 1994 and it is still very much alive.

At that time, GSO didn't even exist (it was founded by Daniel Saxer in 1997). While historically there have been some difficulties involving the Global Scoutnet and Daniel Saxer, we regret to see him retire from all electronic Scouting activities.

Global Scoutnet remains committed to its mission of putting Scouts and Guides in touch with each other all over the world, by using any telecommunications technology available (Internet, Bulletin Boards, and so on!)

You will find our page at www.scoutnet.org and you will find there all our services.

In the near future we might be in a position to offer some of those services which GSO offered. Please keep in touch. Put www.scoutnet.org in your bookmarks, or even better subscribe to our announcements mailing list!

Yours in Scouting

Gino Lucrezi
Global Coordinator

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